Inauguration Speech: A footnote to preempt my rendition

So, tomorrow I’ll be posting a Biden inauguration speech that I’d been piecing together here and there. It is written as if I was Joe Biden giving this address- so I think about it in his voice.

I think it is also of note that more and more it seems like these speeches have no real value. Why? Because they may be praised immediately in the media or by politicians or even by folks on social media. But before the day is over, the speech is already forgotten. I mean, so much news happened in a matter of three weeks into this year that it’s actually difficult to remember the highlights even. And we’ve been doing this for four goddamn years. … Actually, let’s be honest: it’s been a problem a lot longer than that.

I would make the case that it’s a problem of the post 9/11 world that was exacerbated by the influx of conspiratorial and/or extremist viewpoints having a platform through social media. And when the media realized it could use social media as a platform to maximize profits through the hypersensationalizability of normally bonkers soundbites, it became the new norm. And don’t get me started on the idea that everyone has an opinion and that every one of those opinions matter. I’m looking at you too, bloggers! … The point I’m making is that, despite the fact that there certainly is some good and honest journalism being done out there, turnover in seemingly important stories is overwhelming us. And the worst part is, the sensationalizing of the news created a draw for even more sensational news actually being more sensational in its nature. By the 2016 election, with the entry of reality show TV star Donald Trump to the platform of Soundbite in Chief, we finally went off the rails.

And now, today, the biggest threat to our country is people who believe conspiracy theories, who make and believe their own reality about what is happening in the world because they lost trust in the media and decided instead to believe a sensationalist, gaslighting, contradictory, conspiracy believing and projecting president that the media, the mouthpiece of rampant capitalism, built.

So when I say the inauguration speech of President Joe Biden will be the most important since Lincoln’s second inaugural address, even if it somehow fails as a good speech, don’t be surprised if we don’t remember anything about it by the end of the day.