The Power of the Voice

The power of the voice is what can change the landscape of history. It is critically important that people are able to voice their opinions, beliefs and what they know to be fact. It’s equally important that they realize if, when and to what degree they should do so.


With that in mind, this is an opinion:

Art, money and politics do not mix. … And yet the Arts cannot exist in the public sector without those things. Even in the most liberal of cities these both allow and yet still hinder the Arts. And worse? The Arts have to struggle internally with their own Art, money and politics. All in an effort to place value on art (and thus define it). Only artists can really understand the value of art.

But what is an artist?

What is really an artist?


Somewhere, in dark basements and in decrepit studio spaces and in converted garages and in two square feet of a corner of a Hong Kong flat – true artists and creatives know who they are. They know that other people who make “art”, others who fill the pages of magazines and the walls of galleries, are, more often than not, imposters. But they know this by virtue of the defining act. The true artist and the true creative know full well that just because the other “artists” don’t really understand their own work or the inner workings of even the stroke of a brush, it doesn’t mean the internalization of the act isn’t taking place. It takes a clarion call of reality to draw them out just a bit. But at the same time it takes a hinting of just the right combination of words to unfold every layer of paint and clay and papier mâché and lead into the secrets and truths of the universe; to experience The Understanding.

When this happens- THEN, and only then will they see that the artists dilemma isn’t just “Where do I draw this line?” But is instead, “Does filling this blank space with a wide, firm but intentionally imperfect line change the landscape of history?”


Are you an artist?

Are you really an artist?

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