Grasswerks, Startup Weekend, AIGA

Snow and TV_grasswerkseditSo not too long ago I updated my website to something easier to manage, something a bit more appealing as a responsive website, and something containing my up to date work. I also began a blog on as part of the website. I wasn’t thrilled with the formatting of the blog, however, and have decided to take up a something more to my liking and usable through WordPress.

So here’s Grasswerks. The name is a combination of my last name (the URL is actually, one of my all time favorite albums by Philip Glass entitled “Glassworks”, and the German usage of “werk” which has it’s place in design history from the Deutsches Werkbund to Gesamtkunstwerk to … the early fathers of techno, Kraftwerk.

So now that that’s out of the way, here’s what else has been going on:

Startup Weekend Spokane 7

A couple weeks ago I was privileged to have designed for the first and third place teams (Safety Click and Dossier, respectively) at Spokane’s 7th Startup Weekend. This is the second time I’ve designed for the winning team. Startup Weekend 6 saw my more extensive work with Go-Kefi, an experience based travel site.

Two color logo mark.

Dossier was lead by a group of three Gonzaga University students. The project, originally titled Campus Card, is meant to be a secure but easy way to access private information via a college students ID card. The focus for the presentation was for medical information (currently the market has two competitors).

Safety Click.

Safety Click, the product of Callie Johnson and Monica Moreno, also Gonzaga students, is in many ways a younger persons life alert. The Bluetooth device communicates with your phone and is meant to act as a locating device for emergencies. It was a great pleasure to work with both teams, although my involvement was more limited than with Go-Kefi. I hope I can work with them in the future.

Even more recently I was awarded second place in the MSUSND (Michigan State University Student News Design) contest. When I created my BFA project a year ago, I had wanted to enter this contest as it’s the largest student news design contest in the US (and possibly the world?) with students from all over the world taking part. My second place was in one of thirteen categories. As it didn’t take a very traditional format and I was unsure how exactly to enter it, it was entered in the Special Sections category.

AIGA chapter coming to Spokane?

Finally, two things I want to hit on briefly as I will be blogging more about them in the future. Currently, in the Inland Northwest, our AIGA chapter is in Seattle. I am an AIGA member and have been seeking partners to help me set up a chapter here in Spokane. Fortunately there are like minded people and we will soon begin meeting in order to establish a local chapter. Sadly, while I’m sure there is plenty of interest in the design and advertising community in Spokane to have a local chapter, there are only a handful of members. 20 sustaining members must exist and collaborate together to make a chapter. Spokane only has … maybe 10 members in total of unknown levels of support. I have been inquiring to get more people involved and so have a few others. I have strong feelings about the path that design has taken here in Spokane and hopefully we can reach that goal of 20 sustaining members and help better the advertising and design scene here in Spokane.

The last thing of note is that my good friend Daren and I have begun talks of establishing our own design firm. Obviously we are years away. But we are busy building up some good experience that will allow us to have some expertise or better in a variety of fields. Currently as an audio and video designer, a visual designer and historian with a focus on exhibitions, and someone who likes to think outside the box and taking on large involved, complex projects – I’m hoping all the experience I’m building up right now will prove fruitful in this venture. Of course, combined with Daren’s abilities and desire to work outside the box as well, we should be able to do some very interesting work.

Well that was boring.

Here’s to posting a real article next time! –